Portable Virtual Reality Service

Bringing VR to your doorstep – Portable VR
We provide a Portable VR Service which is where we come to you with our VR equipment for you to play on it for the session. We will sort it all out so you can relax and just enjoy the VR experience. 

 + Try Virtual Reality without spending a fortune on equipment 
 + Virtual Reality headset (Rift S) 
 + Gaming PC (VR Ready) with a 1070 Ti Graphics Card
 + Wide selection of VR games
 + No hassle! – We come to you and setup everything for you 


We are the only Portable VR Service located in Northampton!


The service we provide

VR Gaming

Try Virtual Reality on the Oculus Rift S now and dive into new gaming experience


We will set up everything in your home, and make sure you are comfortable when using our equipment for the entire session

Game Library

We offer the equipment and the games for you to play on the VR!

Games List

Can’t find the game you want to play?

Let us know and we will add it onto the list! 

Free of charge!

Pricing List

Taster Session

Just want to try it out?
£ 25 1 Hour
  • Great for groups of 1 - 2

Small Friends Session

Great for groups of 2-3
£ 32
1 Hour and 30 mins
  • Great for groups of 2 - 3

Small Family Session

Great for family of 4
£ 40 2 Hours
  • Great for groups of 3 - 4

Custom Session

Want longer sessions? Shorter Sessions?
£ ??
?? Hour of fun
  • Custom Groups

We are currently accepting bookings through Facebook Messenger.

If you do not use Facebook Messenger, feel free to email us at vrbookings@boundaryzero.com


Space of at least 2 meters by 2 meters but recommended 3 meters by 3 meters for a better experience 

 A wall socket or two sockets from extensions

That’s all you will need! 


Get in touch with us with your address and from there we can see if we are able to make it. If it is a little too far, the quote could be slightly higher for travel cost.

The virtual reality headset only supports one player at a time.

I recommend 15-30 minutes of playtime per person. 

If you want to play a game which you are unsure if we own or not, get in touch with us before booking the service.

If we don’t own the game, we will be able to purchase it as long as it is on the Steam marketplace. (Depending on the price of the game)

You can cancel the booking as long as it is at least 48 hours before your booking slot. 

We accept cash and card payment! 
Payment is normally taken before we set up everything in your house.

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