Facebook Horizon – Limitless Exploration Virtual World

Facebook Horizon - Virtual World

Facebook Horizon

Facebook Horizon is a brand new virtual reality world created for you to explore, play and create amazing new things. This world is cartoony and recreates social life in the virtual world.

The World

In Horizon, you create your version of your world, share with others and admire the creation of others, whether it’s your friend, family or co-worker. In this world, you can do anything! This includes flying, exploration the deep sea without getting wet and even go on a holiday with your friends within the virtual world. You might even be able to explore space in the future therefore there is no boundary – pun intended. Horizon is always changing, new things being added by the community so each time you visit the world, it will be different.

Activities with others

In this world, there are many mini-games which you and your friend can compete with each other. There are tons of activities you can do with your friends. This could be racing, drawing, building things together and even just chilling talking to each other. In addition, you can never get bored of Horizon, there are so many puzzles, challenges and adventures you can do together with others!

Your Creation

Facebook Horizon building materials

Bring your world to life! You are able to build virtually anything you wish, using their unique building tool. It’s like Minecraft but you can build with other complex 3D objects that are not a cube. The best bit is that you can share it to the world your wonderful creation.

Facebook Horizon is coming to Oculus Quest and the Rift Platform in 2020 therefore save the date!

More information will be released when there is an official release date.


Most importantly, Facebook Horizon is safe because you are in control of yourself. Need personal space? With a press of a button, you can enter personal space, away from other virtual friends and take a break. People are too close to you? Set your boundaries so that you can determine how close you are to other avatars in the virtual world. Feeling unsafe? You can use the safety tools to mute, block and report other avatars if they are breaking the rules or being annoying to you. 


In conclusion, you should join the virtual world! Create a community and i’ll see you in there.

Sign-Up for Beta: https://www.oculus.com/facebookhorizon

Join the Facebook Horizon Page: https://www.facebook.com/FacebookHorizon

Disclaimer: Boundary Zero is not sponsored or affiliated with Facebook, or Oculus and Facebook Horizon. 

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