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A game is a series of interesting choices
Startup inspired by passion

Boundary Zero

Boundary Zero is a small start-up business. We are based in the United Kingdom. Our vision is to bring technology to the classroom. We believe technology in gaming can enhance the player’s ability to learn.


Virtual Reality Development

Mobile Application Development


Games Development

Educational Program

Boundary Zero’s focus is on these four different and interesting fields of development.

Virtual Reality will allow the user to experience things that aren’t possible in real life. For example, this can be swimming in a deep-sea or travelling in space. You can even imagine driving a formula one. The world in virtual reality is up to your imagination.

Mobile Application development will focus on productivity for the student. We have plans for an app, therefore, watch this space until we have more information.

Games Development will consist of some 2D and 3D games. All the games will be built from scratch using Unity. We are currently working on a game which is being released late 2020.

Finally, educational programs/software or games will be targeted at students. We will be using virtual reality headsets to bring new ways of learning into the classroom environment.

Boundary Zero Values

Community Focused. Firstly, We value feedback and strive to improve therefore we will listen.

Gameplay Importance. Secondly, we believe the game has to be enjoyable therefore we strongly stick to the importance of gameplay in our games.

Learn & Grow. Thirdly, Games can have puzzles and challenges to it, therefore it’s important to teach the user while they are enjoying the game.

Build Connections. Finally, we love meeting new people. Open to receive emails and message through our social media because we would love to make something together!

Lastly, we are currently under development. If you have any feedback or want to have a chat. Email Jun Hao Chia at

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